End of tenancy cleaning

Prime Cleaners Rotherhithe

Are you planning to move out of your present home or office as you have reached the End of Tenancy Cleaning Rotherhithe? Prime Cleaners Rotherhithe  provides you with special packages for End of Tenancy Cleaning . Call our customer support team for more information. If you have a large area that requires to be cleaned, our consultant will be only too happy to come over and give you an estimate free of charge

end of tenancy  Rotherhithe

We respect the wishes of our client seeking clean homes and offices in Rotherhithe SE16 . We adopt international standards to ensure top quality performance and abide by all the regulations and rules. Our customers come back to us as they are pleased with our experience and good service. Our staff is trained and skilled to handle good equipment and cleaning products. We use top techniques to remove stubborn stains, grease and grime.

Prime Cleaners  has served End of Tenancy Cleaning Rotherhithe since 2007. We have the expertise and know-how to handle small to large jobs easily, reliably and efficiently. If you are an Estate Agent or Landlord and require our End of Tenancy cleaning Rotherhithe , feel free to call and get more details from our customer support team.

We take care to start End of Tenancy Cleaning Rotherhithe every area in the home from the hallway to the foyer, Living room, staircase areas right down to the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. We guarantee to dust, wipe and clean.  If the floors are not carpeted, we will mop and clean. Carpets will be dry or steam cleaned as necessary. The ledges of windows, skirting boards, fixtures and fittings are all wiped and clean. We also wipe the staircase rails and clean the raisers and treads. The mirrors and furniture items are also sanitized and polished.

The Living room is also cleaned similarly. We remove cobwebs and clean the door fittings and framework. We wipe the furniture clean and remove clutter including emptying out the garbage bins.

The Bedroom floors are mopped clean and if there are any carpets or rugs, they are vacuumed. The entire fittings and fixtures including the window ledges and skirting boards are wiped clean. The room is aired thoroughly till it smells and feels clean.

The bathroom tiles are scrubbed and the wash basin and bathtubs de-scaled in order to ensure that all traces of sediments are removed. The fittings, fixtures, mirrors and cabinets in the bathroom are wiped clean and fresh garbage bags are used after emptying the waste bins.

The kitchen counter tops, oven top and other appliances such as the fridge, microwave and toaster are all wiped clean. The cupboards are emptied and cleaned inside as well as outside. A careful inspection is carried out to ensure no dust and grime. The hard floors are mopped and the rugs or carpets in the room are vacuumed. Once the cleaning is done, a check is carried out to ensure that all the jobs are completed to satisfaction. Our cleaning services are guaranteed and we look forward to a long and healthy business relationship with our esteemed customers.


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