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Prime Cleaners Rotherhithe Customers respect our Home Cleaning  Rotherhithe as we work with commitment and efficiency to deliver as we promise. Prime Cleaners Rotherhithe started  Home Cleaning business in 2007 and soon worked their way up to deliver excellent results. The housemaids and Cleaners that we hire are vetted and insured. We perform background checks to ensure that each one of them has a clean record. Many people request the same Cleaner again especially as they are friendly, prompt and reliable

home cleaning Prime Cleaners Rotherhithe

We have many pressing engagements that require us to leave the home for long hours at a stretch. If regular Home cleaning Rotherhithe and maintenance is not done, dust, dirt and grime find a way of settling on surfaces. It is important to ensure that the house is cleaned regularly and if we cannot find the time, we should make use of reliable and efficient home cleaners to take over this chore.

Our  Home Cleaning  Rotherhithe include one off cleaning, spring cleaning, after party cleaning etc. Landlords, Estate agents and tenants look for home cleaners when the house is vacant and before moving in. It is important to present a clean home to clients. We send our team of housemaids to clean out, air and refresh all the rooms. Every cupboards, drawer and wardrobe is emptied and cleaned thoroughly. The mattresses are aired and the windows and doors cleaned and wiped. All the fittings, picture frames, objects and fixtures in the home are wiped dry. Mirrors sparkle again after they are wiped clean. The skirting boards, light switches, and other appliances are wiped clean.

If the floor is made of hard material, vinyl, laminate or marble it is mopped clean. The rugs and carpets are vacuumed either with dry solutions or steam cleanings. We also provide other services such as Upholstery cleaning and Carpet cleaning. We make sure that our clients are satisfied when we complete the chores and let them enter a sparkling clean home.

The kitchen countertops and appliances like the dishwasher, microwave and fridge are wiped clean. The cupboards and drawers are put back neatly and wiped externally. The stove-top and wash basin is also scrubbed clean. If there are lime deposits in the wash basin, they are removed with our quality germicidal solution. Our staff understands the need to ensure that the home is safe and healthy. The keys can be safely entrusted to them and they will not leave till everything is done as per your requirements. Our equipment is sturdy and the cleaning products that we use are non-toxic. We make sure to remove all stubborn stains from the upholstery and curtains.

We also offer one-off deep cleaning  in Rotherhithe  and spring cleaning services. We can be relied on to restore your home to normalcy after you has thrown a big wild party. Our trained Cleaners will remove the garbage and ensure your home is as clean and inviting as it was before the party. Take advantage of our low rates and give us a call. We will answer promptly and complete the job efficiently. That is our promise to our esteemed customers!


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